Kisses™ & Zazzle Postage Stamps really do go together, nicely.

Zazzle cancelled my entire custom postage stamp order (re-order) I had designed for a USPS contest, because they objected to this one design! They said…

“For these reasons, we were unable to process your original order:
Title: Love and Kisses
Result: Not Approved
Content Issues: — Design may be considered obscene, pornographic, or sexually suggestive, including most depictions of artistic nudity.”

Better alert all the teachers, schools and libraries that use Kisses™ illustrated books since 1979. And all those 400 newspapers that had Kisses™ on the doorstep daily and Sunday for so many years. Not to mention the many charities which use Kisses™ to raise money and awareness to help millions of children throughout the world.

And – the greeting cards…80 million or more Kisses™ “nudists” are out there! Jeff Bezos even has one. Careful…The word “Bezos” means “Kisses.” And I mean business.

I’d like my Zazzle Postage Stamps, please.

I’d also like to develop the first and only dedicated character merchandising program online to do good in the world. And I believe I am the only artist alive who has 35 years of design and product development experience, and owns my own intellectual property to do so.

Don’t blush. When they’re not doing their “angel work” in the world, Kisses™ wear clothes. They even design clothes – and nearly every product you’ve ever seen Snoopy adorn.

Photo GEORGE F. LEE / Honolulu Star Bulletin
You can’t read Vivian’s mind, but you can read her dress.

In fact, I notified Zazzle in December that my art and quotes are used on some of your products, and was assured Zazzle would contact the artists/store owners to send me samples and request permission. It could be lucrative for all of us…

…Like one of my blog posts:

I’ve asked my attorney Gary Fergus to follow up, so we can explore a collaboration.

I believe things happen for a higher purpose. And all kidding aside, I thanked Zazzle for their notice. I assured them that my life is dedicated to helping children, and the child in all of us. My work with Shriners Hospitals for Children, Stolen Childhoods, Foster Parent Plan, World Family, and an endless list is testimony. I could really further that work with Zazzle.

As one of my other characters proclaims “Together…we can soar.”

Please send my Zazzle Postage Stamps. Thank you.

cc: Jeff Bezos

Vivian Greene
Invest In Love inc
“All that is real is seen with the heart.”

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