Today, let’s give Veterans peace with words, the magic of angels & the power of imagination.

I guess today is called Veterans Day in the States and Armistice Day elsewhere is because Armistice means a temporary suspension of hostilities. Oh, if there could just be a permanent one.

Although my new line of art and sayings will be unveiled in 2010,
I wanted to share this one with you now:

Veterans Peace
Websters is one of my favorite references for creativity. When I was a little girl, I heard that a good movie star could read the phone book and make you laugh or cry. I decided I could open the dictionary and create words that could do the same. Later, I started doing it with pictures too.

It’s all about using our imagination. Connecting to the magic that the magi brought us. Imagine that. And today, and always…imagine peace. Let’s call upon the magic of angels and give Veterans peace.

I have included American Idol discovery David Archuleta singing Imagine. I hope it’s okay, because it is so appropriate, but of course we’ll remove it, if there are any copyright issues.

Imagination is the mother of the gift of the magi, magic, image, and of course, imagine. Imagine, the image I see creates reality…sing along:

Even just the tiniest portion of Beatle John Lennon’s classic is so inspiring. It’s a classic moment on American Idol, too. Simon Fuller was so visibly moved by this young boy’s appreciation for a song written before his life began.

I hope it’s okay to share at least these few lines with you on Veteran’s and Armistice Day — Lennon’s lyrics say the same things as so many sages say, in so many ways. The Secret is about the law of attraction. David Spangler speaks of the law of manifestation. Wayne Dyer asserts the power of intention.

-=*=- -=*=- -=*=–=*=- -=*=-
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one!

~John Lennon
-=*=- -=*=- -=*=–=*=- -=*=-

Today, let’s give Veterans peace…
with words, the magic of angels & the power of imagination.

Vivian Greene

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“All that is real is seen with the heart.”

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