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Vivian Greene’s quotes are becoming a proverbial way of life for business, industry and as she says, “…balancing the highest good with the bottom line.”

Renowned Intellectual Property Attorney Gary Fergus said, “Vivian Greene is the epitome of one of her famous quotes”…“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

It’s not just the millions she has earned by publishing her greeting cards and licensing products, Vivian has dedicated her life to making a difference in the world by “helping mankind.”

She won a National Press Award for her article on Brotherhood in the Seattle Times at the age of 16.

At 21, she was the youngest and first female greeting card manufacturer in the United States and sold more than 80 million of her greeting cards.
photo by Gina Rosa 3-20-11
At 25, Vivian was proclaimed a “business dynamo,” self-made millionaire and was featured on the cover of the Miami Herald Tropic Magazine story,“You Can Still Make a Million in Miami.”

Vivian’s syndicated comic strip Kissesappeared in 22 countries. She continues to bring smiles, laughter, love and dance to audiences around the world with her Kissescharacters.
Vivian puts her trademark “All that is real is seen with the heart.” in action. One of her Kissesprojects called Endearing Advocacy, is about “business people finding better, proactive and profitable ways to help.”

The scope of her work has no boundaries; from her trademark, Legal Lemonade®
to her bookGOOD MOURNINGWhat Death Teaches us about life.” Her classic children’s books are in schools and public libraries throughout the US and Japan. Her inspirational works can be found in Walmart, Whole Foods and Christian Book Stores. Vivian’s quotes are available through quotablecards on many of their products.

Vivian Greene owns patents and trademarks like Legal Lemonade® and Kisses ™.

She is actively supporting visionaries and innovators who are making a positive difference. Her dream is to end child slavery in the world and she has some innovative ideas on how to accomplish that. Vivian’s unique blend of talents also extends to consulting, endorsements, speaking, fundraising, and to another of her passions…dancing.

Today, Vivian is collaborating with companies that share her vision. She’s exploring ways to invite creative talent, to serve their best interests and reward them for making a difference. As the title of her new book says, “JUST GET UP AND DANCE – Life Starts When We Do.”

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